Our Project

Being an intercultural church in Lippe
Our Project „Together in Christ – Lippe“

People live in Lippe whose roots are in many different countries and cultures . As Christians, they meet in groups and form congregations. They worship in their own language and culture. This is not much different in congregations of the Lippische Landeskirche.

Our project connects congregations and groups of different origin, language, denominational and cultural background. In all our diversity and independence, we want to be the Church of Jesus Christ in Lippe together. To this end, we are developing expressions of common intercultural congregational work, but with the various groups retaining their independence.

The monthly international Worship Service will be at the centre of the project but further activities are being developed in the areas of music and culture, Examples are bible study, activities with children and young people, etc.

Our project began on 1 October 2020 with the working title “Interkulturell Kirche in Lippe Sein”. Now we are “Together in Christ – Lippe”. It is a project within the framework of the many “Erprobungsräume” (initiatives) of the Lippische Landeskirche (https://www.erprobungsraeume-lippe.de/) and is accordingly funded through this as an intiative.

Current members of “Together in Christ – Lippe” are:

  • The Reformed Church parish Detmold-West
  • The Reformed Korean Congregation in Detmold
  • Church of Pentecost International, Detmold
  • Mission Evangelique Approche-toi
  • English Language Christian Mission in North West Germany
  • International Bible Study Group mainly with persian speaking christians
  • Evangelische Studierendengemeinde Detmold-Lemgo
  • Lippische Landeskirche with the departments of Ecumenical Relations and Migration